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Baguette Board with Grape Bread Knife - dolly mama boutique

Baguette Board with Grape Bread Knife


Baguette Board with Grape Bread Knife   -  Achieve the ideal bread slice with this Baguette Board and Grape Knife. It's made of bamboo and holds a standard-size baguette, which serves as an excellent side for most any meal, and it also has notches on the side, making it easy to cut uniform slices of bread. You can also use the board for serving––it makes an elegant addition to a wine and cheese party.

Included in the set is a durable bread knife for smooth slicing. The aluminum handle has grapevine embellishments, and its blade is crafted from stainless steel for years of use. If you’re searching for the right gift for a wedding, anniversary, or housewarming party, this board and knife is an excellent choice.