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3-Tier Cupcake Stand - dolly mama boutique

3-Tier Cupcake Stand


Perfect for cupcakes, appetizers and mini desserts!

Stand components

  • 3 boards, each scalloped to form 8 petals
  • Center support in 2 pieces that fit together
  • Cardboard with laminated silver on both sides
  • Board sizes 9-5/16 inch, 12-7/16 inch and 14-7/16 inch
Stand assembled
  • Height of center support 12-9/16 inch
  • Bottom (large) board 1 inch up center support
  • Middle (medium) board 5-1/4 inch above bottom board
  • Top (small) board 5-1/2 inch above middle board

Holds up to 20 large cupcakes
Easy to assemble, reusable, disposable, food safe, stores flat.