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Archipelago Botanico de Havana Shave Creme - dolly mama boutique

Archipelago Botanico de Havana Shave Creme


Avoid the common nicks, scrapes and burns associated with every day shaving. Our specially formulated shaving crèmes combines premium oils, natural proteins, and plant extracts to protect and leave skin hydrated, and silky smooth. The ultra slippery jojoba ester base allows for a uniquely close and clean shave on even the roughest and most sensitive areas.

Designed to evoke the 1940's glamour of the small apothecaries, known as "boticarios" that lined the romantic side streets of Havana, this personal collection pays homage to natural beauty ingredients like Coffee Bean and Tobacco Flower, as well as the pure aromatherapy and natural essences of Oranges, Sugar Cane, and Sweet Pineapple. These ingredients contain the AHA's, antioxidants, and other agents that actively moisturize, hydrate, and reduce the redness associated with dry, rough skin.