Cashmere Poncho

Cashmere Poncho

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A Dolly Mama favorite and all-time best seller! Our customers can't get enough of this lightweight 6-way cashmere poncho. Wear it everyday as a casual topper, use it as a blanket for travel, and even wrap it around your neck as a scarf. It's all about where you put the seam! 

How to wear: 

  • Asymmetric: Position the seam on your shoulder for a sexy asymmetric style that looks fabulous with everything.
  • High-Low: Position the seam down your back for a high-low topper. Great for wearing with longer tunics or tops you want to show off a bit.
  • V-Neck: Position the seam in the front to create a low-high v-neck.  This style is perfect for wearing with a turtleneck or collared shirt.
  • Long Scarf: Position the seam in the front and pull it all forward to wear as a long scarf.  
  • Short Scarf: Wrap the end thru the hole to create a shorter scarf.  
  • Travel: Fold in half, roll, and pop it in your carry on bag to use on the plane as a luxurious pillow or lap blanket!

Material: 100% cashmere

Choose from a variety of colors (see swatch pictures)

One size fits all